Mark Reilly

Just a note to say thank you for making an amazing, high quality product. I’ve never been able to stay reasonably warm/comfortable in a tree stand while bow hunting below 30F despite trying all sorts of different clothing combinations. My first use to the Heater Body Suit was 10F and warmed up to 20F eventually later in the morning. I was a little chilled at 10F (I could improve that with better layering) but I was not uncomfortable. Being able to climb out of the stand at the end of the hunt without having full body shivering is an amazing thing. I had one opportunity at a shot this past weekend, and getting out of the suit and ready to shoot was no issue, however drawing back the arrow on a perfectly still morning caused the deer (at 10 yds) to spook. The suit certainly adds the possibility of late season hunting for me. Thanks again for making a great product. Mark