Heated Jacket vs. Heater Body Suit

“Last year I had bought a Milwaukee heated jacket to use for the gun deer season here in Wisconsin. The heated jacket seemed like a no brainer to me, it was relatively cheap and I already had some Milwaukee power tool battery packs I could use with it. I went out opening morning with the temperature right around 15 degrees planning to sit all day. The first few hours went fine, however, my feet were getting pretty cold as the heated jacket didn’t provide any protection for them and my boots weren’t cutting it. After no more than three hours, I started to get cold and noticed the jacket didn’t seem to be working very well anymore. Four hours into the hunt, the batteries in the heated jacket were completely dead. I tried bearing the cold for a few more hours and just couldn’t do it. I had to head back to the truck to warm up. My brother-in-law was hunting on the same property wearing his Heater Body Suit. That afternoon he was able to harvest a good 8-point around 2:30 after sitting for 8+ hours. Since he had taken his buck Saturday, he let me use his Heater Body Suit Sunday. The weather was pretty identical to the day before as I headed out bright and early in another attempt to sit all day. Not once during the entire day Sunday did I get cold. Ordered myself a suit that night! Thanks for a truly great product!”

Kevin L., Wisconsin