Maximum Outdoors

Maximum Outdoors

Watch Maximum Outdoors to see their crew hunt and harvest some of the largest whitetails in the sport! Maximum Outdoors can be seen on the Sportsman’s channel in first and second quarter(s), and on the Sportsman’s Channel in the third and fourth quarter(s), weekly!

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Hardcore Pursuit TV

Follow Mike Pelletier and the HCP team as they hunt six months straight every year working hard to produce some of the most scenic and rare outdoor video imaginable.  Watch Mike and his team this season on the Sportsman’s Channel during third and fourth quarter(s).

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Hardcore Pursuit - Heater Body Suit

Eva & Jim Shockey - Heater Body Suit

Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures

If you don’t know who Jim and Eva Shockey are, you may want to take notes. Jim and Eva are some of the most well respected hunters in the industry. If anyone knows how to bear the cold, it’s Jim and Eva!  Watch Jim and Eva on the Outdoor Channel.

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The Bear Whisperer

Follow Blaine as he travels throughout North America in search of the most dangerous and misunderstood big game animals. The Bear Whisperer aims to not only entertain viewers with upbeat and exciting hunts with Blaine’s quirky appearance and upbeat attitude, but also educate them on all that pertains to conserving and protecting the future of the bears.  Watch the Bear Whisperer among Blaine’s other hit shows Freedom Fighters, The Hitmen, and more on the Pursuit Channel.

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Buckventures Outdoors TV

Buckventures Outdoors TV is all about big whitetails and 100% fair chase hunting! Join Jeff Danker and the crew as they travel the states and video their experiences.  Check out Buckventures Outdoors on the Sportsman’s Channel during the third and fourth quarter(s).

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Sharing the same passion in life, Cody and Kelsy have found a way to make hunting their full time job, bringing footage of WORLD CLASS big game to television screens across the nation. Cody and Kelsy have won numerous awards.  Check out Cody and Kelsy on the Outdoor Channel.

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Just Kill'n Time TV

Some people hunt JUST to enjoy the fellowship of friends and family. Others hunt because they feel that KILL’N is a spiritual moment between man and beast. Still even more hunt to spend TIME communing with the great outdoors. Buck, Max, and the Just Kill’n Time Crew do it for all the reasons above and more. Watch Buck & Max on the Pursuit Channel this season!

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